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Teaching Faculty

Principal & Teacher

Mrs. Barbara Komazec

Fellow AICD, A (Dip) CICB 
Teaches all troupe work beginning at under 8 through to open age, various tap classes and ballet classes, solo and duo work and pointe class.



Ms. Zoe Komazec

C.S.T.D TD/MJ  C.S.T.D TD/Tap   A.I.C.D Asoc

Teaches soloists, jazz classes, tap classes, ballet classes, troupe classes, contemporary & turns kick and leaps

Ms Maddison Lochert

C.S.T.D TC/Tap  A.I.C.D Assic

Teaches Jazz classes, tap classes, soloists and some troupe work.

Ms Georgina Lochert

Teaches all junior levels of jazz and tap classes. 

Mrs. Jenny Howland 

B. Ed M. Ed. St. MACEL
Teaches the under 6 troupe class, junior grades of classical ballet.


Ms Kristen Lucas

Teaches various tap classes 


Ms Chelsea Murray

Teaches various soloists 

Mr. John Komazec... Administration
Handles all enrolments and information about the school.


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