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Private Lessons

Teachers who feel certain students are ready to be extended further and perform on stage will be asked to attend a solo class. Students can perform in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Song and Dance, Song and Tap, Classical, Character, Contemporary and National. Once these students become successful in their sections they can also compete in a championship section where they compete for prize money, vouchers and a trophy. The championship sections currently available are; Theatrical Championship, Jazz/Modern Championship, Tap Championship and Classical Scholarship. All of these sections require the competitor to perform two routines in the one section.

For students who love to perform on stage but aren’t ready to perform by themselves can learn routines with a partner or two. Students learn the value of teamwork and being able to follow and work with another person. Both competitors must keep in time with each other and have similar style and personality. 

Students must complete the full curriculum before applying for a solo lesson. Students can start performing on stage as a soloist from as young as 3 starting in the Do Your Own Thing Section where the teacher can teach any form of dance to the student. Student coaching is also available to students looking to improve their classical technique.

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